The cost of pet ownership

As financial investments go, pet ownership is hard to recommend. Of course, the money and time we invest pay huge dividends in love and companionship. I’m in the pro-pet camp – we share our home with three cats and two...

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Planning advice from Picasso

That day in March 2019 started out like most other Mondays. I had no premonition of disaster. But nine hours later, I was on life support, and Sharon, my wife, was being asked if I had an end-of-life care plan....

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Stillness of St. Margaret's Bay After Sunset Stillness of St. Margaret's Bay After Sunset

Don’t Leave Me in the Dark

I first met Beryl, a woman in her 60s and a new tax client, about a year after her husband, George, died. We sat at her dining table amidst a sea of papers and prior years’ tax returns. She had...

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Bob Joyce Working Remotely Bob Joyce can work from anywhere to help clients.

The Power of Listening

A few years ago, I had a gym membership with a large chain. One day, the gym offered an assessment and six one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer, all free. Thinking it was time to update my routine, I accepted....

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