The Power of Listening

A few years ago, I had a gym membership with a large chain. One day, the gym offered an assessment and six one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer, all free. Thinking it was time to update my routine, I accepted.

Following the free sessions, we sat down to review my progress and discuss a personal plan for my future workouts. At the time, I had a management position, so before we began, I told the trainer that, whatever the plan might involve, I couldn’t commit to more than one scheduled session per week, due to the uncertainty of my daily schedule.

Your needs are specific to you, so I will listen carefully to what you want, and customize my advice accordingly.

We proceeded to go through his questionnaire. When we finished, I expected the trainer to say he would review my information and get back to me in a day or two with a plan. Instead, he flipped over the page and presented his already-prepared plan. It included, in addition to many exercises that had little connection to my identified goals, three scheduled workouts a week for six months!

It was as if he hadn’t heard a word I said.

You have my promise that you will never have that experience with Fair Winds Financial Coach.

Do you have the impression that planners exist primarily as another way of selling you a particular financial product? That was certainly the feeling I had after my gym assessment. It was clear to me that the trainer had a handful of limited options to market, and he had to try to make my needs and situation fit a plan, instead of making the plan fit my needs. What I want to do with Fair Winds Financial Coach is help people in the way that perfectly fits their circumstances and their goals. That’s why I’m offering flexible services that can be tailored to meet your needs, not mine. Together, we will identify your financial priorities and needs and identify opportunities to make them happen.

Your needs are specific to you, so I will listen carefully to what you want, and customize my advice accordingly. It is not my job to push certain plans and products on my clients. I don’t work for a financial institution: I work only for you.

Bob Joyce, CPA, CA, CFP®

Bob Joyce
Bob is a CPA and CFP professional. As a CPA, Bob provided tax and accounting services to individuals and corporations before joining a large full-service wealth management firm. With almost 50 years of experience advising clients in the fields of estate, tax, and financial planning, and a genuine desire to understand and help clients, makes Bob distinctively qualified to help you achieve your personal financial goals and objectives.

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